Wine tasting @ novanta

Since we opened our doors in 2014 we have sourced all our own wines from the local vineyards in and around Casentino. This was of course a very fun process, getting to know the suppliers and making great friends. 

In 2020 we made the exciting step to collaborate with a local natural wine supplier – to help us bring more balance and diversity to our list, and introduce us to the wonderful world of natural wine across Italy.

Gabrielle + Illaria are insane about wine; and when you talk to them, they don’t even consider the concept of un-natural production! It’s a passion they take across every aspect of their life – so when you visit them for a tasting, all the tasty treats on the table are also the best and most organic you can get your hands on! 

We would be happy to organise day trips out to some of the local vineyards that supply our wines, not forgetting of course our great friends Marco + Greta at Ornina. However we have found that it’s also rather nice to be able to actually drink the wines, rather than swirl and spit … so we decided that in house wine tastings are the best of both worlds!

So, sit back, relax and let the kids run riot in the garden whilst you contemplate the bouquet of numerous vintages, before taking the short stroll back to the restaurant for supper. 

Now that sounds like a wine tasting! 

€25.- per person