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the shelf

What kind of experience hotel would we be if you couldn’t take some of those goodies also home with you at the end of your stay? A pretty bad one we reckon! SO – here it is. The Shelf at Novanta is the place to find and order almost* anything you might miss from the mountain once you get home. 

*The Tuscan sunshine, Meri’s massages and that glorious view are currently unsuitable for sustainable packaging 

our chefs

Perhaps you already know a little bit about our wonderful kitchen team … but along with the fantastic work they do in our kitchen providing our delicious foodplan all week, they also spend their spare time foraging, growing + collecting all the seasonal bounties of our valley, and pickling, curing, jamming and syruping to their hearts content! 

The list

Think Tuscany in a bottle … what more do you need? 

  • Ragu (different types of meat possible) – €5.00
  • Vegetarian Mushroom Ragu – €5.00
  • Novanta’s homemade tomato sauce – €4.50
  • Breakfast favourite: Blood orange marmalade – €4.50
  • Plum jam from our trees – €4.50
  • Pickled veg from the valley – €6.00
  • Taralli – €4.00
  • Limoncello – €17.50
  • Selected Wines (per 3) – €45.00
  • Vinsanto (small) – €12.00
  • Cutting boards (small) – €20.00
  • Cutting boards (large) – €26,00

how to order

Whilst we are grappling with the joys of building online ordering platforms we stick with the old fashioned methods. Ordering can be done by email to info@novanta90.com or whilst you are on the mountain testing the products first hand!