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the novanta experience

Novanta is an experience hotel nestled high up in the Casentino Hills, in the abandoned Gello valley. With breathtaking views over the valley below this remarkable place gives guests the opportunity to experience a true and traditional taste of Tuscan life without sacrificing on luxury. Immersed in nature, and swept up in local culture, food, and family – Novanta is a unique experience not to be missed.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by over 300 hectares of fields and forests, not to mention being on the edge of the Casentino National Park! Along with the village of Borgo di Gello where you will find our novanta hotel with fully catered hotel rooms, the valley also holds another borgetto hidden in it’s hills. The even more historic Castello di Gello is where you will find our self catering apartments … sounds up your street?

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