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apartments @ castello

Castello di Gello is a wonderful sleepy borgo set in the hills just below the Novanta hotel. More than 1000 years old already, the houses are steeped in history and boasts hints to it’s vibrant past everywhere you look. We currently have 2 fully refurbished, beautiful villas with their own private gardens and glorious views of the mountains above and the valley below. Completely surrounded by nature, but just a short climb from the excitements of the hotel. (1000m distance, 100m altitude) 

facilities in Castello

Whereas in the Novanta hotel you are right next to the action, down here at the Novanta Apartments in Castello di Gello, life moves that little bit slower! But don’t worry, there’s no chance of you missing out – you can;

  • Fill your fridge – no need to stress about passing by the supermarket on your way up the mountain. Just choose from one of the various packages and enjoy all the delicious ingredients of the Novanta kitchen, from the comforts of your own house! 
  • Reserve a seat – don’t feel like cooking one evening? Just book a spot at the table for dinner in the restaurant in the Novanta Hotel. We’ll see you there! 
  • Grill the night away – Although we can’t hire out Fabrizio himself, we can certainly pack up a great grill feast for you and your family. Hot up those coals and fill the valley with those classic holiday aromas! 
  • A cool dip – pop up the hill to the hotel for a leisurely swim in the salt water pool, or head downhill to the crisp cool river for a nature swim. The choice is yours! 

Perhaps you are looking for something a little smaller? We have a great selection or hotel rooms up in Borgo di Gello – have a look HERE!