The Tuscan experience

So what is an experience hotel anyway? Well … amongst our team, we have done a lot of travelling all over the world, and stayed in everything from 5 star skyscrapers, city centre pitstops and crumbling shacks in the middle of the forest. But what we all missed from these experiences was the connection with the real life and real people around us. So this is where we were determined to make Novanta different.

Our friends and neighbours have the stories, the knowledge, the connections and the advice to help us learn how to live on our wonderful mountain. We are working with them every day to help our village grow, but also to show our guests what an incredible place we live in! They show us their secret recipes, their hidden paths through the forest, and where to buy the best ice-cream in town – and we want to share all those things with you!

Below are some of the experiences we offer … but the list is growing all the time! We also organise massages, archery lessons and some great mountain biking and trail running routes too!