Foraging for truffles @ novanta

Together with his dog Chicca, our great friend and talented truffle hunter Nicola will take you to seek this delicious delicacy. During a morning or afternoon you will be taken on a tour of the valley … hiking over hilltops and across beautiful wild fields. Nicola knows the way, and he will entertain you with stories of his biggest finds, and best discoveries. His dogs are the experts though, even if he will tell you otherwise! Their noses will show you the treasure you never knew existed …. nestled below a huge oak tree, or just on the side of the path that you would easily overlook. Hiding underneath the surface you could find something more valuable than gold! The anticipation is addictive and intense – will they find a truffle, or could it just be a stone – you never know until it is in your hand – but the smell and excitement is unmistakable!

Black truffles are the more common truffle found in our area of Tuscany … some as big as your fist! However the more desirable and precious white truffle have also been found in our hills. Nicola is not only an expert in hunting for truffles – he actually started his career foraging for mushrooms in the forests surrounding Borgo di Gello, and also fishing in the rivers below us. He is our expert on all things edible in Gello and a perfect man to keep close at hand!

After exploring the mountain with your wonderful guides, you will head back to Borgo di Gello to enjoy our famous “Fresh Pasta con Tartufo” for dinner. Did you take part in the pasta making workshop? If not – make sure that you don’t miss it … freshly made pasta and freshly foraged truffle is a match made in heaven, and a perfect way to end a fruitful day!

Price: €25,- pp Adults, €10,- pp Kids under 12yrs