Lunch @ Fabrizio

Once a week we take our guests to the home of our friend and local butcher Fabrizio. An adventurous walk up the mountain is rewarded with an abundant lunch prepared by Fabrizio and his wife Meri … with the help of their children of course!

A personal tour of the organic farm, meeting all the animals and discovering his amazing vegetable garden – ends in the cantina – a very special place indeed! Fabrizio cures all his own meats, from salami made with deer and wild boar – to prosciutto from his own beautiful rare breed pigs. Along with a few glasses of local table wine from our friend Franco, Meri offers us breads, meats and cheese from her family in the north of Italy. Learn about the curing & butchering process – and if you are lucky he might even be making some fresh sausages!

Then head outside to the garden, for a full Italian style long lunch of fresh pasta, home reared meats cooked on an open BBQ, and Meri’s famous tiramisu! One piece of advice … make sure you have a small breakfast!

  • Fabrizio farm tour + lunch duration: 4 – 5 hours
  • Fabrizio lunch price: €30,- per adult / €17.50,- per child