wine oh wine @ novanta

the big question

First things first, what kind of wino are you? 

A – Anything from the list as long as it’s wet … the cheaper the better 

B – All Chardonnay is awful, LOVE a good Champagne

C – Into good local wines, the lesser known + more natural 

D – If it costs less than €40 it’s not worth drinking, Vivino is king 

Winos B + C, you are a perfect match for this course, we would love for you to join us! 

Winos A + D, we think you can find true happiness elsewhere than on this trip – happy sipping!

Casa del vino

This super little wine shop is owned by a great friend of ours, and a serious day #1 Novanta groupie. Based right in the centre of Amsterdam, Casa del Vino stocks over 300 different varieties of Italian wine and delivers to right to your door – what more could you want! 

In this collaboration we will bring together Doede’s vast knowledge and experience of Italian wines, with the fantastic local connections and epic location of Novanta. Because let’s face it, tasting wines on the side of a mountain in the sunshine in Tuscany beats an Amsterdam street corner any day right? 



Per person for a semi-private bedroom in a shared suite with ensuite bathroom.


Per person for a private single studio bedroom with private ensuite bathroom

dates 2022




What's included

  • 6 nights accommodation in authentic & unique rooms
  • Foodplan including breakfast, lunch + dinner every day 
  • All tasting wines 
  • All workshops + visits  

What's the plan?

Your wine expert for your stay is Nicholas Hartley, vinologist at Casa del Vino, with his many years of experience as a wine teacher, he will take you through the different areas and grape varieties that Italy is so famous for! 

The program focuses, unsurprisingly, on Italian wines! On day one we start with the important bit; how to actually taste wine, and which terms you can use to actually describe what you are tasting. This way we can talk about wine together more easily for the rest of the week, and we will (sort of) know what you are talking about! 

The following days we tackle regions. We will start in the south and end in the north; working towards a the big boys like Barolo, and discovering around 8 different wines per day. 

Lunches will be for exploration. We will serve dishes alongside the wines from the different regions, analysing the pairings as we go.

A moment of relaxation post lunch, is followed by the afternoons activities; a visit to a local organic winery and if we are lucky some harvesting too!

The end of the day will resemble the middle, but with most probably a little more tasting and a little less analysing, with some delicious homemade supper to round off the day