evoke leadership @ novanta

what is evoke leadership?

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso 

The challenges and changes of today require different leadership styles then before. So we invite you on a transformational journey which is focused on you, and developed with you.

Taking place in an environment where you can let go of your daily life completely for a few days. All facilities and activities are aimed at supporting you in your own transformation.

With the best facilitators to guide you, an in-depth and challenging content program, delicious Italian food and overwhelming nature – you don’t get much better than this! 

Who do you want to be in this challenging time? Which values drive your behaviour and how do you  act according to your inner compass? This program is mainly about leading yourself from an inside and outsiders perspective. Leading based on authenticity, connection & courage.

who's it for?

The program is designed for all professionals who are consciously working on their personal development. Either you are an entrepreneur, a manager or a professional. Needless to say that since we work with systemic constellations and ‘high performance mind’ techniques, you have an interest in working with these methods.

We offer both open programs, as well as incompany programs. For the in company programs, we design the contents of the program in close collaboration with the participants.



Per person incl VAT for a semi-private bedroom in a shared suite with ensuite bathroom.


Per person incl VAT for a private single studio bedroom with private ensuite bathroom

the teachers

Tim van Lingen

“I work as a systemic team coach and consultant for teams and organizations with change management. Providing programs for (young) leaders, of which movement, learning from and with each other and interaction are central. I do this based on the values ​​of growth, autonomy and love.

My personal mission is to make the people I work with more systemically aware so that they can be better leaders of themselves and others. I do this with much energy and humor. And I always give the (sometimes painfully) honest feedback.”

Annette Gudde

“As an executive coach and facilitator I guide individuals, teams and organizations in fulfilling their leadership potential. I combine an analytical mind with a more intuitive approach. Connecting between head and heart, body and mind. I like to create an environment that enables openness, trust and growth.

Values ​​that are important to me are authenticity, compassion and clarity. Searching for “truth and value” continuously leads me to discover new areas. I believe that growth of consciousness is the key to transformation and leadership, in a world of constant and rapid change.”

dates 2022


What's included

  • Accommodation in authentic & unique rooms
  • Foodplan including breakfast, lunch + dinner every day 
  • Transfer to and from airport to accommodation 
  • All workshops + sessions 

what is the plan?

No worries, you won’t find boring power points and classroom settings. It gets much better: we prepare short theoretic inside and outside sessions with lots of dynamic exercises in the glorious natural surroundings of the ancient Gello valley

Transformation and leadership starts from within. Our program is based on ancient wisdom, combined with contemporary knowledge. We pay attention to body and mind, head and heart, reflection and action. We use a holistic and systemic approach for this because we know this is what leads to lasting change.

During this program we take your personal questions and themes, that you currently deal with, as a starting point. This can concern all aspects of your daily routine, work and private life. We will guide you in finding and defining new ways to deal with these themes. In turn creating an open atmosphere and learning environment in which you can pave your own path together with your travel companions.

A typical day @ Evoke

In the morning we start with a guided meditation or yoga session. After a short check in, we will provide you with the accompanied theory on the themes that are discussed. This can be ‘the high performance mind’ or a theme within systemic working, such as the question why you often encounter the same pattern in all your functions, or what does not flow in the exchange between you and your organization. Next, we will work in small groups to get grips with the theme and to gather your own insights. After a plenary discussion or individual reflection, it will be time to join the table.

In the afternoon we enjoy a lunch together at the long table. And by lunch we mean: Italian lunch: good food and with time and attention for each other.

After lunch, we either go deeper into previously discussed themes or take time for new topics. Meandering the Casentino forest to consult the wisdom of nature with your learning question, or perhaps a pause down by the river to sharpen your learning question focused on an Indian ritual.

After a day of intensive work, it is then time for an aperitivo and dinner. We do this together, seated at the long table. There is plenty of time here for a chat and to get to know each other even better. For those who fancy it, there’s always a warm fire and some Grappa to end the evening! 

We work from the principles of Theory U, a process model for innovation and transformation. This approach helps us to maintain a holistic view, merging conscious and unconscious processes. Making your transformation as sustainable as possible.


Email Annie on info@novanta90.com to grab your spot – be quick!