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the career retreat @ novanta


Are you highly educated, do you have a good job and essentially everything you ever dreamt of? But is there something gnawing from the inside? Are you curious to find answers to the bigger questions in life?

What do I really want? Who am I really? And starting from there, do you want to make choices in your career and work life? 

We see that it is precisely those people, with success and ambition, that are sometimes overpowered by their own success. Life is taking over. Maybe you recognize the feeling: at a certain moment you look around you and everything seems settled. You have a house, a family, a job, a good income and most probably you traveled to places you always wanted to go to. And then, suddenly, you are above 35 years old, and then? As if the cards have already been shuffled, and whatever you want in life must also relate to the people around you, and the possibilities seem limited. Simply because of a mortgage, security, time, etc. But that’s not you at all. You are someone who has always believed that you should do what makes you happy and that you should continue to dream and develop. 

So why are you stuck now, thinking in circles, having the idea that there is no more room for those deeper questions?

That does not have to be the case. That’s why we invite you to give yourself a career retreat at a dream location. A place where you can literally look ahead, because of the phenomenal views over the Tuscan valley . It is run by people who had some ideas at the beginning and did not even have them fully crystallized yet, but instead just started somewhere out of idealism, faith and enthusiasm. It’s infectious because it makes you realize that there are always risks, but there’s also the risk that you’ve never tried what you want so badly.

about the teachers

Liesbeth Aarts and Manou Boomsma are two experienced career coaches. They both agree on the fact that work is so much more than just work. Work can serve you by empowering yourself, developing yourself, getting to know yourself better and being meaningful. This requires a conscious attitude, good self-knowledge and the courage to be honest with yourself and to make choices. As a career coach we are accessible, creative and we talk about the essential things. We each have our own approach, qualities and methodologies, but we both believe that the answers lie within your own story. We start with who you are as a person, your path so far to help you gain insight into ‘what’s next?’ 

We see that the people who participate can often do the practical things themselves, but that it is important to pause and ask the right questions. 


dates 2023







What's included

  • Accommodation in authentic & unique rooms
  • Foodplan including breakfast, lunch + dinner every day 
  • Transfer to and from airport to accommodation 
  • All workshops + sessions 

career retreat questions

  • What do I really want? 
  • Who am I really? 
  • What’s my dot on the horizon? 
  • What am I doing it for? 
  • Is this it now? 
  • Or is there more? 
  • Can I do more?
  • Are there any other things I like or am good at? 
  • How can I make better use of my talents? 
  • How do I find work that really suits me? 
  • I know what I don’t want, but what do I want?
  • How do I gain more confidence in my position? 
  • I have a wide range of interests, have already done a lot and find it difficult to make choices. 
  • Does the work still match who I am as a person? 
  • How can I stay inspired at work? 
  • How do I continue to feel challenged at work? 
  • Would I like to start my own business again and what am I looking for? 
  • How can I find the courage to do what I really want to do? 


In addition to the career coaches, you have a fantastic team at Novanta who will ensure that each of you has a truly unforgettable time. It is located in an abandoned village, where time has stood still and the authenticity was preserved while new life was breathed into it, where everyone used their talents in their own way, resulting in a dream place. During the workshops and free time in between, you can always sit in a different beautiful spot, enjoy nature, the meaningful encounters and excellent food. Everything you wish for in a career retreat venue is here. A career retreat at novanta is a great adventure and an absolute gift to yourself. You are working, but it will feel like a vacation.



Per person for a semi-private bedroom in a shared suite with ensuite bathroom.


Per person for a private single studio bedroom with private ensuite bathroom