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bacchus is back @ novanta


A wine journey like no other, a journey where we go back to where it all began.

Our tales shape all we do in life, so let’s start with Bacchus; the God of Wine, Agriculture, Connection, and Expression.

With nature as our main foundation, we will take part in the harvest and pick the fruits with our own hands. We will visit several biodynamic wineries in the Firenze area, and host a dinner in the dark where, without the use of your eyes, you will be able to focus on smell and taste of the food and wines.

There will also be a silent hike to Chiusi Della Verna, the monastery of a true nature lover: Francesco d’Assisi. We will observe and experience the sounds of the forest, which will evolve into a magical concert afterwards.

We will taste wines from 5 different biodynamic vineyards. Not familiar with biodynamic wine? let us explain …

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical theory, biodynamic wine is a perfect balance between nature and people. The method is a holistic approach to winemaking.

They revitalise the ground in order to build excellent humus, and the plant’s conditions are modified according to the weather conditions and the position of the moon and stars. The entire procedure is environmentally friendly, which means it is free of chemicals and pesticides. Every grape is hand-picked, and the vinification is based on natural fermentation with no added chemicals and a low to zero sulphur content; just the way Bacchus intended it to be.



Per person for a double room with private ensuite bathroom.


Per person for a private double bedroom with private ensuite bathroom

dates 2022




What's included

  • 6 nights accommodation in authentic & unique rooms
  • Foodplan including breakfast, lunch + dinner every day
  • Special lunch @ Fabrizio  
  • All tasting wines 
  • All workshops + visits 
  • Harvest lunch @ Ornina vineyard 

about the teachers

This wine week is organised by Rosalie van Velsen & Hans Mayer in collaboration with Novanta. Hans And Rosalie great both friends, nature-lovers, dreamers, and founders of Un Po’ Di Pui Italian wine importers in the Netherlands. 

Rosalie a former Gello valley girl, has the wind in her hair and a constant addictive smile on her face. Hans was raised in the countryside, has a goat pet-friend called Petronella, and always prefers to walk barefoot.