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Food + drinks


At Novanta we see food as a connector to people and to nature. By connecting with local producers we can offer our guests high quality food, coming straight from the land. The foodplan includes a full breakfast, lunch and dinner every day – so you don’t need to think about anything during your stay! Alcoholic drinks and soda are excluded. Coffee, tea and fresh spring water are free at all times – you can even pick your own mint leaves from our herb garden for a refreshing organic mint tea!

Adults foodplan €350 pp/week.

Kids aged 4 – 11 €175 pp/week. 

Kids under 4 eat for free. 

Whenever our hotel doors are open, our restaurant is too – when you’re  with us you are on holiday … so we take care of the cooking! The foodplan is not included in the room price, we will add that on just before your stay. If you feel like exploring the area and dining in one of the local restaurants one day – no worries! We will simply reimburse you.

honesty bar

At Novanta – its all about helping yourself! We love to share a bottle of wine with you at the table, or shake a few cocktails in the evening before dinner. But we also think it’s really great when you make yourself at home in our village – and that means taking your own beer from the fridge!

The bar is fully stocked with fantastic local wines, beer and soft drinks – and there are also a few talented cocktail makers in our crew that will help tempt you to a tipple or two.

Simply note down that you take, and don’t think about the bill until the end of the week! 


We try our best to cater for everyone at Novanta, however some diets are quite tricky for our tiny kitchen! Just let us know in your booking so we can make sure we have the right things in the pantry, and any questions – just ask! 


Breakfast is a leisurely affair at Novanta. We serve a great buffet of cold meats and cheeses, fresh warm bread, homemade preserves, juice, tea, coffee, fruit … the works! We serve breakfast from 8.30 – 10.30 so there’s no hurry to rush out of that comfy bed, or alternatively more than enough time to squeeze in a morning swim! 


Novanta lunches are a different experience every day … sometimes you will be dining up at Fabrizio’s farm, or perhaps down at the river for a picnic and a cooling dip in the waterfall. Needless to say that there is something for everyone, be it pasta, risotto, or maybe a selection of huge salads and fresh bread. Lunch is always served at 13.30, just to make sure you never miss out!   


Late afternoon is aperitivo time on the mountain … our favourite time of day! The sun is setting over the hills and the terraced become flooded with a warm orange glow. So there is nothing better to do than grab a glass of something cool and crisp, to toast the day. 

Whilst you’re doing this, we are cooking up a storm in the kitchen – could be a classic long Tuscan four course dinner, maybe it’s pizza night, or perhaps Massi is visiting us with some of his famous Bistecca Fiorentina steaks for the grill. 

Dinner is served at 19.30, after the kids have eaten a little earlier. If you’re lucky a couple of willing crew members will run them ragged around the garden whilst you enjoy your dinner with a bottle of red and some good company. 

the locals

We would be completely lost without our wonderful neighbours and friends here in the valley! They help us with everything; from trying new recipes, supplying us with everything we need for our growing hotel, and everything in between. They are also the life and soul of the party – just you wait and see!  


Tuscany’s most wanted butcher. Not only for his looks, but also for his mouth watering pork, beef and wild boar. In one of our experiences we will take you to his farm. You get to see, touch and learn about his free-range animals and Fabrizio will show you where his best kept secret is held… hidden deep inside his Cantina!


Casentino’s most lucky and knowledgeable truffle hunter. Every time he takes our guests on one of his famous truffle trips with Chicca (his trusty truffle hound) he warns us that we might come back empty handed. However, Chicca’s nose hasn’t disappointed us yet!


A trained and talented butcher, a gifted cook and a walking encyclopedia of local recipes. His day job is running and owning our local store, where he supplies us with everything from toilet paper to Peroni! His most important role in the Novanta life however is our key contact man – Massi knows everyone, and he takes great pleasure in introducing us to great new and creative faces … over a long wine filled dinner of course!