Wondrous Wedding

Over these days a fantastic couple are celebrating their love for each other in our ancient village. The bubbles will be flowing, the cameras will be flashing and the dance floor will be bouncing! We can’t wait!

Matti di Gello Festival

To celebrate the year, the season, the harvest and our glorious golden valley as it drifts off to sleep for winter. There will be craft workshops, games, some cooking of course … not to mention the eating and drinking! Then a little bit of wildness, because it wouldn’t be Gello without it! Check out more info on […]

Totally Wild Foraging

This is a foraging and cooking course on steroids – we will eat sleep and breathe the hillside and become addicted to finding the treasures hidden inside! We will be out foraging and cooking every day, hand harvesting and processing wild ingredients and learning many techniques to aid the storage of our wild ingredients.

Tasting lessons in Tuscany

A cooking course with balls (literally!) The focus is the talk of the town; MEAT! Perhaps it’s the answer to the golden question; “How to eat less meat?” … We say, “by eating more – all the way from nose to tail!” With the help of the renowned and talented Joël Broekaert we discover how old […]